What's Next?

Achieve Equity Oriented CS & empower Immigrant/ refugee women & girls

I have long been enthusiastic about the potential of computing and digital making as a tool for many disciplines. The MET experience made me think about what this may entail on a much deeper level. It pushed me to consider the social and cultural norms that create the nature of computing and how they impact who works in it. Increasing diversity and inclusion in computing is about more than simply making opportunities available to everyone; it is about reshaping the nature of the field so it can be equitable in its interactions with ecological systems, cultures, and human experiences.

So, what’s next for me? Inspired by my MET experience, especially my projects in the socio-technical model, I would like to develop a series of online learning environment to train women interested in becoming developers and support them in finding work in the tech industry.  As each group of women has variant needs, backgrounds, and experiences, the design approach will be a bottom-up design, beginning with the end-users specific characteristics and micro attributes. Women groups will be actively involved at every step, from design to implementation and evaluation. I envision this work as a route that can deliver positive futures for minorities as the tech industry have the lowest barrier to entry of any professional career — a degree is not required. Simultaneously, it will address the dire need for more diverse talent across the industry. 

I hope I come back later (after consulting with other stakeholders indeed) to share our project design in my e-portfolio with a personal sense of triumph resulting from incremental improvements and transformational changes throughout more than three years in the MET program  these are my treasure and ones I always will have.